Monday, 2 March 2015

Cat Art


How are you diddlin'?

I've been having a quiet day today, and decided to do some drawing.  I wanted to turn a cat pencil drawing I did a few weeks ago into a "character cat", getting a likeness of the original cat but making it quirky.

Here's the original cat drawing...

Here's how things started off...

Ears? Check.
Eyes? Check.
Strange snowman shaped body. Check.

The beginning of drawing something is always the time where if I judged what was appearing on the paper, I'd never draw again!  Over time I've learned to be forgiving in the beginning and let whatever appears on the page be what it is without giving myself a hard time.  

Here's who eventually turned up...

He's called Stan.  I love his bright eyes and his little pink nose!

He likes looking for worms and hiding under towels.

I hope you like him.

Betty and I hope you're having a great week.


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